The Math behind Faster Tractors

Simple Math! You can't harvest what you have not mowed! Dah!

Do the math! Your Farm! Your theoretical Territory?


3.14 x 15 minutes? 30 minutes? Starting with a mower (and Tractor) make your next tractor a European Import!

Assuming 15 minutes as the most practicle.

(Pleasant Creek Hay, in theory, uses for contract mowing and baling 15% hay is 1 HOUR! At 42 miles per hour we have a theoretical range of 5539 SQUARE MILES, vs. That of a 40K 25 Mile/hour (other european tractor) = 1962.5 SQUARE MILES! SQUARE MILES?

2.8 TIMES...... THE MATH IS CORRECT...... I ONLY HAD TO DO THE MATH TO SEE HOW MUCH MORE THAN DOUBLE.... THE R SQUARED MADE! NOT JUST DOUBLE, IT NEARLY TRIPPLES THE THEORETICAL TERRITORY!........ IT'S ALL IN THE R SQUARED and the R is dependent on the time allowed between tracts and the speed of the tractor!


Perhaps you can rent more land with your current equipment inventory? Maybe you can and maybe you can't, but the one thing you can surely do is to increase R from your existing 18 MPH tractor (28.8K) to 40 or 50 K

So here is the math with our 15 minutes! 

15 MINUTES x 18 mph = 4.5 Miles (squared)= 20.25 times Pi(3.14) = 63.25 square miles

Not bad maybe, but what if half that is Fort Drum and the Village of Evans Mills or some other obstacle that swallows up the available land? Regardless, if this 63.25 SQUARE MILES were so available, why haven't you acquired more of it? Maybe 15 minutes is to far and you need to acquire a tractor, a faster tractor that can shorten that 63.25 square miles to 10.8 minutes (40K-25MPH) or 8.6 minutes (50K-31.25MPH)!

Jumping to a Fendt (Agco Corp) (and some others) 50 K takes that 

15 Minutes X 31.25 MPH = 7.8125 miles (Squared) 61  times Pi (3.14)=191.5 square miles

Overnight you have tripled your operations theoretical size!

Don't like the Fendt and the 50 K......40K!

15 Minutes x 25 MPH = 6.25 miles (Squared) 39 times Pi =    122.65 square miles 

All you have to do is pick the color!

If you don't want to be heavily invested in a local partnership, we invite you to become a partner somewhere here in our North Carolina to Maine territory and lease your new 40 or 50 K second hand machine  back to PleasantCreekHay/ so that we might fly to and from our hay fields and make some serious haaaaaaay!