Employees Wanted (staff)

Staff Members
Class I Forage Harvester Operators Wanted (Forage Harvester Operator)

This job subs at $35/ Hour plus you will be at least a 20% owner in your operation and will be required over time to put a portion of your salary and profits into the owned portion of the business.

Current thoughts are as we expand, to have you in charge of up to 3 forage harvesters, able to adjust the number of trailers required based on the distance from the pile or bunker. Think in terms of having a trailer or 2 serving one choppers most distanced fields in the mourning, a second chopper in the afternoon and the third chopper through the night.

Your job isn't to chop 100% of the time, but to supervise and maintain the operations equipment

If you are currently in the custom harvesting business, we want to here from you, perhaps it is Pleasant Creek Hay that will have 20% ownership! You a bigger peice of the pie

If not and you"ve ran the BIG Stuff... a 200HP self propelled combine or forage harvester, send us a resume!

A Man currently in the business, a partner or 2 and some perspective clients and WALLA we are in business!


Part Time Delivery Person (Part Time Delivery Person)

Do you reside in and around any of our listed cities, particularly major ports? You should! There are very few places in the Mid-Atlantic to North East that we don't plan on having a partnership or sell tractors from our European inventory of front PTO Tractors. Nearly everyone of these tractors have a minimum road speed of 25 MPH, some 50 MPH. Since aproximately 2/3 of these sales remain right here in the NE-Mid Atlantic areas, we find it just as easy to pick a unit up at port and deliver it to the buyer.

We can make the point from delivery, FOB as simple as your home or place of work.

PleasantCreekHayEquipment.com is buying in addition to trading in High HP, high MPH tractors, hay rakes, self-contained equipment (trailered equipment) and that fitting on bob cat style loaders. The job initially may entail you spend a day traveling to one of our adjacent non-territorial states and returning to your home and/or relaying the piece to one of our other delivery personnel.

YOU CALL THE SHOTS: In the event it a 2 day delivery, the peice not yet in our rental fleet, you are welcome to work pick up and delivery/your schedule!

YOU DETERMINE DELIVERY AND PICK UP; First shift, second shift, third shift? It doesn't matter! Our rentals are in 22 hour blocks and if a rental is loaned out beyond an hours drive, shortened accordingly. So the rental agreement ends one hour after your departure and commences 2 hours later. If you've chosen 5 PM for a departure, the rental expires 6 PM and for the next client commences at 8 PM and expires at 6PM!

We expect the renter to pick up the unit 30-70% of the time! The units closer to the renter then yourself making it more economical for them to arrange pick up than yourself.

You or someone you know has to pick up the unit 7 days/week!

Seriously, if there are times when you are unavailable, have a friend or relative do the pick up and delivery!

Preferably you have a standard width truck bed, or better still a flatbed truck, but are preferred equipment is trailered and even a light truck is probably sufficient.

This job, via map quest pays $60-$75/hour round trip from your designated start point.



Baler-Operator-supervisor Operators Wanted (Trainer-Supervisor)

Ever made hay? Are you at all mechanically inclined? How good are you with people? Can you teach a fork lift operator how to mow hay? A mower operator how to run a baler?

The job is yours if you answered yes to all of the above! That is if Pleasant Creek Hay can find a partner(s) in one of the cities you might be interested in working out of!

The job is budgetted at $25/hour plus $2.50/hour for all that you have working under your command!

Seasonal, Pleasant Creek Hay is paying $800/ week year around and includes  a 4 wheel drive truck as a perk.

Pleasant Creek Hay keeps very close track of what the actual labor hours are whether salaried or paid on an hourly basis, thus come 12-1 we know what we can pay in bonuses to our baler operators! Enjoy your free time if Pleasant Creek Hay can't quite match you up with 40 hours/ week every week, but otherwise, the discrepancy between $20/hour and $25/hour is yours! As long as your performance matches the hours we've billed, expct to see that $25/hour before Christmas!

Initially, you and you alone, may be able to fill the partnerships weekly hourly needs, but  make no mistake about it, our founder knows when you have reached the upper limits of the business's labor resources and if need be, dispatch will tell you when they have scheduled a job interview with full time seasonal or a temp. On a daily basis you and your mower operators (perhaps a temp agencey) will know the next days schedule, then it up to you who you want mowing, raking, baling ans stacking hay!

We do have one perhaps unusual insistance, unless your operation has purchased the standing hay or it your hay! ........ You have to split the dawn, once cut, unless it be to knock the water out of the bottom of a windrow, all of YOUR hay has to be handled when it is at its TOUGHEST POINT, in the pre-dawn to early dawn hours.

Dispatch will try to make an educated guess as to how long it will take to rake the days hay  and using Map Quest determine when you have to turn the truck's key!

Look over the list of cities and send us a resume if you are interested. A favorable review will be so noted and who knows, it may just sway a perspective partner to join the network of Pleast Creek Hay.com's partnerships. and you will become our newest sub contrator.  

Class I Operators: 

This job is for those partners that have elected to personnally fill the position of baler operator.

Thinking of expanding your dairy operation? Are you short of forage? Increasing your ability to cut and bale dry hay is certainly one alternative you face as a dairyman. As Baler Operator, YOU WILL BE IN CHARGE! Of course, dispatch and the weather will determine your operations day, but how you distribute your labor supply and how many hours you personnally work are largely up to you!  Pleasant Creek Hay.com prefers you do as little as possible, teaching others how to run a moisture tester, bale hay, mow and rake hay!

Earth Digger (I dig outlets and connect tile to the mains!)

I pretty much work side by side the baler operator and are paid equally year round subtracted at the same $20/acre subject to review and will receive compensation approximating $25/ hour. While we tile, I'm paid a $2.50/ hour for all of the men with the exclusion of the baler operator, under my command. Make no mistake about it, my friend and co-worker, the baler operator, is second in command.

WHAT DO I DO? I run the back hoe while we tile. When our hay acreage is limited, I might fill the role of both baler operator and digger. When we tile our roles are reversed and even though our lines might be pre-enginereed, make no mistake about it, I determine, perhaps with the land owners approval, where the mains are going to run and where the outlet is going to be.

Given enough work, the baler operator or a good back hoe operator and I might both run the backhoe in 10 hour shifts, round the clock to complete our work orders before the commencement of third cutting.


Kiss Tire Pressure Control Manager (KISS TPC manager)

Our Production Manager prices and orders components for PleasantCreekHayEquipment.coms KISS Tire Pressure Control Systems, dry fits any changes in components and either assembles the product for shipping or hires assemblers to ship the finished product. He/she keeps an inventory of components and component prices and gives assurance there adequate inventroy to ship a unit in a timely manner. They either rent garage space to KISS TPC Systems The position pays $35/hour for "shop time" and $0/hour for office time (office time is paid via they receiving 50% of annual net)