Sexed Semen Partnership Proposal

Sexed semen

Perhaps my ad in "Country Folks" was a bit pre-mature, this the April DHIA edition arrives, the week of the second of the last Thursday of the Month. THE 30TH IS THE LAST OF THE MONTH!

I will have more details regarding my thoughts within the week!

SEXED SEMEN!      ........    Perhaps we are already on the same page! Pizzas and Cheeseburgers, not farm raised fish, steak or bacon and eggs, will rule the day. Now that we are raising high producing cows and are able to exclude approximately 50% of the lowest producers from the herd.   I think within the next 2 decades the size of the US dairy herd could double and the global population could quadruple, OUR excess, while our herd average is one of the highest has a market value, not just as beef but that of a relatively high producing cow in someone else’s herd.   WE TOO! No more free records and cheap bulls!. GENEX is currently obtaining proofs through testing of his siblings, WE TOO! Only we (The dairy farms) can do it cheaper and although you and I may never produce a bull in the top 100, I think the AI industry is headed for a time when > 50% of the bulls in the top 100 will be leased. WITH SEXED SEMEN, WE SIMPLY MAKE MONEY WHEN WE PRODUCE 20+ FEMALES FROM OUR TOP COWS. Or better yet, 30+ daughters from her and her first born. With sexed semen, she has a 90% chance of having a daughter as a first born.   Why a herd that wants to expand? Expansion is inevitable, at least from the standpoint of number of replacements, but adding our own high producing cows is likely to make us more money then selling EVERY surplus animal to another dairy!