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Tripple Mower

Dedicated to

1) Assembling partners to form North Carolina to Maine plant to harvest services!

2) Through the use of low cost mowing techniques cutting the cost of bringing quality hay to the Mid-Atlantic and North-East.

3) Putting down land tile as a means of supplementing income between cuttings and providing a much needed service!

4) Brokering front PTO tractors, mowers, related Hay Equipment and any equipment (ploughs) that might be of use by the "Fleet" tractor

Pleasant Creek Hay. Com and Pleasant Creek Hay  are currently working on 4 projects

1) As Pleasant Creek, finding farm partners as part of a large network of farmer partnerships, North Carolina to Maine. Updating mowing equipment and as a product of our ability to mow large quantities of hay / day baling large square bales. Including all other hay harvesting operations the partners feel they can economically perform ( example stacking small squares). 

a)Providing inexpensive mowing services for Custom Hire and Partners including baling large square bales in each Local City Area.

b)Tiling, placing land tile during the non-hay harvest season.

Let's go tile

c) It is hoped a portion of these partnerships will include custom harvesting haylage and corn silage and/or become full service plant to harvest operations.

d) North Carolina to Maine, it’s further hoped we will be able to connect the dots and further cut harvest and planting costs either by having operators run Virginia to Maine or have our “Baler operators” picking up our equipment at our South gate and delivering it to our North.

2) A business relationship with several European Agricultural Machinery Dealers to do business with as Pleasant Creek Hay (It is thought the margin between front PTO machines in Europe and that of the United States is approximately that of the V. A.T. (19%)). Using Pleasant Creek Hay.Com and its partnerships as store fronts, particularly during the initial year or 2 of operation, it is thought the net income from equipment sales might rival that of mowing hay.

3) Advertisements for Pleasant Creek services. Although we may not have the staff and equipment TODAY, by Fall it is hoped we have a partnership, PleasantCreekHay/ in place and/or we will be able to broker the hay we have acquired.


4) A Farm Service Agency loan application to do a startup business as Pleasant Creek Hay in the immediate Cohoes (Albany) area.

2012 Tip: Shred your CS!


Tip of the decade:

1) It's all BMR! BMR corn silage and BMR6 Sorghum Sudan Grass HAY, 25% concentrates and now you are talking $ Milk, MONEY MILK!

20 Watch the fat! If you previouisly were feeding an additional 1 lb of fat in the way of 5 lbs of cotton seed, roasted soybean or used 1 lb. of vegetable oil, AND ARE NOW FEEDING DISTILLERS IN A BIG WAY!

Distillers contains about 8% fat and you may be over the recommended limit, needing to cut the additional fat to .5 lb.

 Cows Grazing

View of Pleasant Creek Dairy Farms? Not exactly, our founder though has deep dairy roots, DEEP PARTNERSHIP ROOTS, having been born and raised, entering into a family partnership after graduating Cornell.