Our Founder

Our Founder

The founder was (almost) born and raised on a dairy farm in Northern New York, Evans Mills, NY to be specific! His family farm, Pleasant Creek Dairy Farms, consisted of his Grandfather, Uncle & Father. In 1960, the dairy started milking cows in a Double 6 with a manure pack & ASPHALT, not long after, the asphalt failed and the pack overburdened was converted to concrete and free stalls. Cows were fed until 1970 (Hay storage burned) largely dry hay and corn silage!

Back then they didn't have the moisture testers of today! "My Uncle didn't know how to bale hay! Occasionally he would enter a field, test the hay for toughness and occasionally get stumped, baling enough to make a test bale only to discover the hay needed another 2 hours before we could start!"

Nothing has changed! "Show me a man that can change a knotter and run a moisture tester and we have ourselves a baler operator!"

During his High School years Arthur was active in the FFA and served as County FFA Treasurer. In 1968 Arthur placed Second at the NYS Fair and with team mates Earl Dean and cousin John Welser represented NY State in the Eastern States Milk Judging contest at the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield Mass, the team placing 3rd. Despite the nice showing in Milk Judging Contest, Arthur placed particularly well in Field & Forage placed 1st at the Jefferson County Fair in '68', '69' and '70'! A three peat in Field and Forage and placed in the top 10 at the NYS Fair in 1969.

Arthur made the decision to return to the family farm after graduating a Farm Finance Major, Cornell. To defer the gift tax, Arthur, Cousin Ronald and their Fathers formed a "Working" Partnership, their fathers retaining equity while income was evenly distributed among the partners. Art's Uncle Bob after a long illness succumbed to pesticide related multiloma in 1985, his father of a broken heart in 1986. a new partnership was formed in 1986 between non-working partners, Aunt, Mother with cousin Ronald.

During the late 80's and early 90's Arthur was actively involved in the community, serving on the town's Board of Appeals, as a director for the local Evans Mills Agway Coop and as President of the Jefferson County DHIA.

In 1995 as a result of his cousin's desire to return to school, a new partnership was formulated with Arthur's mother. A parlor fire and a severe bout of laminitis lead to the eventual dispersal of the herd and foreclosure of the farm.

Currently owning PleasantCreekHay.com and PleasantCreekHayEquipment.com, Arthur is also a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with Real Property Enterprises in East Greenbush, NY and has a particular interest in farm land transactions. Arthur can be contacted at info@ArthurWelserRealty.com or  Wesarth@Msn.com   for any of your real estate needs. 

Prior to his becoming a Realtor, Arthur worked at Kruger Recycling, Albany. Kruger hired "temps" on a regular basis an it was here that Arthur discovered a (baler operator) could at a moments notice hire "fork lift operators" to fill positions mowing hay, emptying manure tanks or pushing snow.