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Land Tile, Superior Corn planting

For a description as to what exactly is a shredder please refer to the following.


Just Mowing! Seriously! We can stop the dirt and turn thin hay into harvestable hay!

Other than that!


Tree Spade

I invite perspective partners to join me in what has perhaps become the most dramatically inexpensive enterprise on the farm, going from hand dug clay brick tile using a surveyors transit, to today’s technology that is well....Out of this World and tractors that a generation ago lacked the draft and Hp capable of pulling with bulls eye precision a modern day tile plow.

Tiling without government subsidies has become economical for the following reasons.

1) increased available Horse Power

2) Laser levels and GPS systems.

3) Plastic PVC Pipe.

Our founder thinks that this should largely be a local business! After first cutting (or the second), manure storage facilities are pumped down, perhaps spreading on hay fields, perhaps injecting into what will be next years corn.


If a partner has a 300 HP tractor that might be great, but a better alternative might be to haul a used track hoe to dig the latterals on our 28' bale wagon (low boy) with one 188 HP tractor and pull the land plow to the site with another 188 HP tractor, then cable the pair to pull the tile plow.


I liked the above vidio in particular. Note the laser setup in the foreground and the use of the track hoe (no little back hoe here) that they are using to connect the laterals. MOST OF THE VIDIOS YOU WILL SEE SHOW MIDWEST SOILS, STONE FREE MIDWEST SOILS!

Our general recommendation is to take 2 of our experts (Baler operator and his second) and biggest tractors tied together and phase one, dig your lines AND REMOVE THE ROCKS! Then phase 2 hire additional temps to lay and feed tile and connect the lines to the laterals, while our experts lay tile either with a single tractor or have a temp operate the tow tractor and while the other "expert", our baler operator operates the track hoe and connects the laterals to the main.








Are we just tiling or are we to land level and/or ditch?


WHAT ABOUT BUCKWHEAT? SERIOUSLY! If we tile, after the first cutting, it opens up the possibility of seeding to buckwheat, given enough acreage that is competitive for monthly delivery.

WHAT IS COMPETITIVE? It might be nice if we could BUCKWHEAT a poor hay field one year on one farm and his neighbors the next. THE AMOUNT OF LAND AVAILABLE IN A 42 MILE RADIUS IS CONSIDERABLE.

AND How many operations have updated corn planters, but are using seeders built shortly after WW II? Maybe it's time we multi-farm managed! 


Tree Spade


YOU ALREADY OWN THE TRACTOR (Bob Cat) for use with smaller trees!

Here at PleasantCreekHay.com we think the tree spade is the most under utilized piece of equipment NOT ON THE FARM.......HUGE POTENTIAL! Your (our) partnership can do a domestic landscaping business if you'd like, but the potential to work for and/or lease the spade to fellow land owners is HUGE!

Surely if you have no woods, there must be a rock pile, corner or fence line that has some trees available for shading your buildings! If not there is always bartering!

For every tree a landscaper moves, we can move 10, 20 perhaps 40 trees, he plants a tree, we plant a row! For every row he plants, we plant a windbreak! And with the purchase of a tree spade, he typiccally has to purchase a tractor or truck to run the spade...... while for us.... it's just an attachment for a peice of equipment we already own!


On a trial basis, if you are reluctant to initially finance and invest in the equipment upgrades to become a partner in a Pleasant Creek Hay (your city), lets buy a spade together as a trial partnership, IN FACT WE ARE MOVING IN ON THE TREE SPADE BUSINESS. One by one we are hiring delivery personnel with the intentions of having a tree spade of some description or another through out the North Carolina to Maine region!

If you are all in, that is are updating your mowing equipment and baling large squares....... How big a spade? YOUR LOW BOY is capable of having a huge tree spade mounted on the rear of the machine and can transplant 5" trees! No trees? We think we'll be able to buy trees from fellow land owners. These bigger spades are expensive! If you prefer to share the cost with a smaller 3 pt hitch or Bobcat version capable of moving 2"-3" trees, it isn't PleasantCreekHay.com's call!


 What if? What if we could load all 3 fertilizer ingrediants in the length of time we typically load liquid DAP?

What if? What if we built our "New" planter around a used mid-west 16 row unit! We could go 24, but we would need either a slow dual wheeled tractor or a tractor with wheel width, impossible to kick the planter, side to side to plant soybeans in 20's and 10's. We need a planter we can fly down the road with!

What if? What if we could load fertilizer, adjust rates field to field and never or rarely have to spread fertilizer? 

You know the East Coast and how many fields have 2 or more soil types, what if? What if we could adjust fertilizer rates as we cross the field?

We can now with GPS!

 So indeed, let's do that! We'll build a 16 row unit with dry fertilizer to meet the Potash requirements, add a tank for N or liquid DAP and add a 500 G tank to a cab forward JCB and add a fork lift, to the front lift of the JCB for another potential 500 gallons. We'll be able to plant for hours at a time only stopping to change corn varieties and when we do, we won't have 24 rows to clean, but 16!

 Thus, we have built a high acreage East Coast Corn Planter!