Now, Not Later! $1000 Escrow

Escrow and a bank letter of credit!

Effective Immediately!

We are only forming Shreder Partnerships! To date we have no partnerships in operation and think this is an excellent opportunity for an individual to do an equipment update and pay for the update via entering the Custom Harvest Market!

At PleasantCreekHay, we don't compete, we lead!


For a description as to what exactly is a shredder please refer to the following. 


PleasantCreekHayEquipment added 4 mower units to its inventory, dropping the purchase order of Hay/001 from $540,000 to $504,000.


We can run four 53' trailers with 3 tractors and the air brake equipped self-propelled.  If the most distant fields are close enough, we can haul with our 3 tractors running alongside our chopper, if esceeded, we can  go to the old fashioned hitch and un hitch system, those fields done, 3 tractors with trailers side by side, those fields done, we can assist in the bunker silos fill (probably when needed most) 

This goes back to a time when you towed wagons(trailers) and for longer hauls it's ideal and equitable!

If we only have to tow 15% of the time we can significantly cut labor and machinery costs AND it really shouldn't be up to to run up and down the highway at 42MPH to supply the services of a standard 16 MPH tractor! 

Stay tuned! It's quite possible collectors (not in the purchase offer) might be as afordable (or more) purchased and assembled on our mowers in Europe as here in the US adding as much as $48,000 or more to our purchase offer 

I think it a financial mistake to asume we won't get at the very least additional custom work throughout the Maine-North carolina region without partners in those regions! 

Duplicate (not password sensitive) estimates for shipping are included in the price to conceal seller identity  of tractor & mower sources.

Budget      Purchase Offer

1) Our Chopper! Several V-12's are on the market in the US at the moment for under $200,000! This one happens to be Founders choice!

This is your partnership! I work for you. These units can be dropped from the purchase order and others added at any time right up until the day of commitment! Once we have 3-5 partners committed through escrow, we can fine tune the purchase order through your recommendations, be closer to a commitment date and continue to MAKE SOME MONEY

In case we are unable to purchase this unit, let's ad $10,000 to our budget 

Budget Chopper $195,000                      This Unit $185,000

2) Our JCB's suggested to our Mega Partnership and their lenders!

  Maintanence (and breakdowns) mean maintanence on the go and 3 JCB's in the rotation, a 4th on the sidelines 


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a) As part of the 4 tractor inventory let's make the above, the slowest tractor, our FIRST TRACTOR as all 4 of the current suggested mowing units come from the dealer of this unit with double digit locations. Not including it in the purchase offer might drive shipping and handling of the other units unreasonably. (Add 5th wheel plate, tool box, front 3Pt fork lift, welder and a shade tree at the end of the field!)

Budget  $46.299.54/unit                           Rough US$   $32,400


b) Tractor 2 Pleasant Creek Hay price

FOB Albany 82.5% of 26,900 Euro x 1.41583 US Dollar(6-15-11)=


Budget  $46.299.54/unit                           Rough US$   $31,420 

So we don't under budget, this being the least cost unit, let's not use it in our budget average.  


3185 JCB Fastrac



















c) Tractor 3 Pleasant Creek Hay price

FOB Albany 82.5% of 30.500 Euro x 1.41583 US Dollar(6-15-11)= $35,941.36

 Budget  $46.299.54/unit                           Rough US$   $35,940


d) Tractor 4Pleasant Creek Hay price

FOB Albany 82.5% of 30.500 Euro x 1.41583 US Dollar(6-15-11)= $40,608

Budget  $46.299.54/unit                           Rough US$   $40,608

Total of Tractor Purchase offer =$140,368

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$185,198 Budget 


















e)Tractor 5 Pleasant Creek Hay price

FOB Albany 82.5% of 40,700 Euro x 1.41583 US Dollar(6-15-11)= $52203

Budget  $46.299.54/unit                           Rough US$   $52,200



f)Tractor 6 Pleasant Creek Hay price

FOB Albany 82.5% of 44,300 Euro x 1.41583 US Dollar(6-15-11)= $56445

 Budget  $46.299.54/unit                           Rough US$   $56,500

 Please note from the homepage:

"2) A business relationship with several European Agricultural Machinery Dealers to do business with as Pleasant Creek Hay (It is thought the margin between front PTO machines in Europe and that of the United States is approximately that of the V. A.T. (19%)). Using Pleasant Creek Hay.Com and its partnerships as store fronts, particularly during the initial year or 2 of operation, it is thought the net income from equipment sales might rival that of mowing hay."

Giving rise as to why a 17.5% reduction in price is possible!

$35,940 + 40,608+$52,200 + $56,500= $189,198    + $4000= $193,200      

$193,200 Budget including 5th Wheel plates, $1000/   



e)Tractor 5 Pleasant Creek Hay price

FOB Albany 82.5% of 49,700 Euro x 1.41583 US Dollar(6-15-11)=



Budget  $46.299.54/unit                           Rough US$   $58,600

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3a) Mowers: Refer to our mower page for details:

a) At the moment, only has 8 units in entirety, one of these seems to be in marginal condition all are from two dealerships. It could be that we will be held hostage, having to pay high handling and shipping to unify tractor with mower, therefore it might be better to budget closer to 90% of PleasantCreekHayEquipment's prices.

(Reminder that this is a non-password duplicate page)

Claas Disco 8550 C Plus     34091.66
Claas Disco 3000 FC       7884.91
Class Disco 8550 C Plus     13396.70
Claas Butterfly Disco 8500     25109.24
Claas Disco 8500        26640.29


$137,500 Mowers budget                    Mowers purchase offer $107,123

b) If available in Europe: Collectors, New? 50% of mower prices? 

$68,761.62                                                                           $53,500  

4a)  Trailers:  We were able to locate 6 48 footers, all from one source, competitively priced with more common 39 & 40' trailers

Forget the 48 footers! We need 40 footers with 13 foot lift gate extensions! They'll hold more and the extensions work as a counter weight reducing "bunker time". The 40 footers will trail better and have a shorter turning radius! 




 5 of the 6 had Air suspension, preferable perhaps to spring suspension, making it easier to shim the difference in height of the front Cab Forward design of the JCB. For budget, let's use the highest 4 priced of the 6. For purchase offer the lowest 4!

$70,000=$14950 + ($16,950 x 2)+$19,950 + ($1200 Wheels & Tires) 

There are no spare tires. All have 24.5" tires, I'm going to suggest we purchase 4 either 22.5" tires or 20" tires for one trailer, swaping out the rears on a trial basis to see if it isn't easier on the trailers supension., leaving us the change out as spares.

Purchase offer ($14,950 x 3) + $16,950 + ($1200 Wheels & tires)= $63,000

 4b) Dollies: We've located a source purchased anywhere no quarantees regarding DOT inspections for $900. I suggest we spend an additional $100 assuring us the lights and breaks work.

$1,000/ is $4000                   $1,000/ is $4000

$73,000  Grand total for Trailers Dollies   $67,000


Misc: $5,078

 Grand Total for Fall of 2011: $504,000

/6 Partners $84,000

/8 Partners $63,000

25% Bank Financed $47,250

It is recognized that all perspective partners are not in the same financial position. A Scientific Wild A Guess is that the Banks will allow /001 to borrow 25% at as low a rate as any, enabling partners via /001 to borrow at the same rate as they do from their hometown lender. Part of this financial package includes 

With further research, it might be found that we can borrow at a higher 35 or perhaps 50% rate enabling even lower "Buy Ins" 

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