New John Deere 7230 R Competition(Price Model)


There were elements, specifically concerning the front PTO and 3 point hitch not included in the price. This was a bare bones no frills estimate that included air brakes which are standard on our 3185 JCB. It has been our experience that front PTO and 3 point hitch will run $12,000 +. For purposes of our calculations. let us call this tractor

200 HP and $250,000 

Date November 21, 2012
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7230R Tractor
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7620RW    7230R Tractor         $194,431.00
     Required Items:          
   EX-WORKS Waterloo, Iowa     
0202    United States

Requires Code 1887 JDLink Ultimate Promotion - 1 Year Subscription or Code 1888 JDLink Ultimate Promotion - 3 Year Subscription.
Requires Code 8336 (9.0L) Stage 3b/IT-4 Compliant Engine.
Country Specific Base Equipment Includes:
Code 2055 Deluxe CommandView II Cab w/RH Console.
Code 7200 Standard Lighting.
Code 4033 - 5,443 kg (12,000Lb.) Capacity 3-Point Hitch (Cat. 3/3N) with Quik-Coupler.
Code 4320 Category 3, Adjustable Swing Drawbar for use with a 38 mm Pin.
Code 5049 3-15/16 In. (100 mm) Dia x 118.5 In. (3012 mm) Length Rear Axle.
Code 5503 480/80R46 In.  158A8  R1  Radial  Dual Rear Wheels and Tires.
Code 6100 420/90R30 In.  142A8  R1  Radial Front Single Wheels and Tires.
   1    $1,209.00
0512    iPackage AutoPowr IVT

Includes Codes 2061 or 2062, 1833, 1823 or 1824 or 1826 or 1827, 1846, 1847, 1848, or 1849, 1837 or 1838, 1887 or 1888 or 1889, 1550 or 1551 or 1552 or 1553, 7202, 2661 or 2662, 3240 or 3260.  
Only available in Canada, U.S., Australia, and New Zealand.
   1    ($2,000.00)
2061    Premium CommandView II Cab with Active Seat

Active Seat with Fore-Aft and Lateral Attenuation and Lumbar Support.
Adjustable Right Hand CommandARM Armrest Controls with Integrated CommandCenter Display.
Remote Radio Controls Located on CommandARM.
Front and Rear Windshield Wiper and Washer.
Automatic Temperature Control with controls located on CommandARM.
Front Pull Down Sun Shade.
Power Strip with Convenience Plug Adapter.
Programmable Egress Lighting.
Right and Left Outside Mirrors (Electrically Adjustable).
Folding Instructional Seat.
Not Compatible with PowrQuad or AutoQuad Transmissions.
Folding Instructional Seat.
Right Hand Steps.
   1    $3,753.00
1823    Touchscreen GS3 CommandCenter, 7" Color Display, Video Capable

Includes Access Manager user lockout software, and video capability.
With a StarFire Receiver installed, the display is capable of operating manual guidance.
AutoTrac, Swath Control Pro, and Pivot Pro will function on the CommandCenter display with activations sold separately.
One video camera input pre-wired in the cab. Connector located on the outside rear of the cab.
Video software can be configured in the CommandCenter using Tractor function activated triggers.
See Parts for available cameras.

Does not include a cornerpost bracket for mounting an additional GreenStar Display.
   1    $1,260.00
1837    StarFire 3000 Receiver - SF1 with Deluxe Shroud

Tractor includes deluxe receiver mounting bracket only.
StarFire 3000 Receiver shipped inside the cab. Includes Receiver Operator's Manuals with the language translation to match the Tractor Operator's Manual language translation.
Warranty on StarFire 3000 Receiver will be handled by AMS and will carry normal AMS warranty terms.

Ready for use with the StarFire SF1 or WAAS/EGNOS differential correction signal for non-row-crop accuracy. StarFire 3000 receiver can be upgraded to SF2 capabilities.
   1    $3,195.00
1846    AutoTrac SF1 Activation - GS3

Requires factory installed StarFire 3000 SF1 Receiver (Code 1837) for AutoTrac functionality.
See Ag Sales Manual and AMS Price Pages for detailed information.
   1    $3,000.00
1887    JDLink Ultimate Promotion - 1 Year Subscription Included

Includes JDLink hardware: integrated cab wiring harness, antenna, modular telematics gateway (MTG) with Service ADVISOR Remote capability, JDLink Ultimate activation, and 1 year subscription to JDLink Ultimate service.
In addition to JDLink Select features this includes: machine utilization information, machine reports, machine diagnostics.
JDLink customer account must be created to access JDLink Ultimate data.
Annual subscription renewal required after first year of service for continued functionality.
   1    No Charge
1833    John Deere ActiveCommand Steering (ACS)

Not compatible with Codes 1430, 1431, or 1451.
   1    $3,305.00
1553    AutoPowr IVT Transmission 31 mph (50 km/h) with Right Hand Reverser Control and
Field Cruise 

Requires Air or Hydraulic trailer brakes, TLS Plus with front brakes, front fenders.
Requires Symbol B (31 mph/50K) Front and Rear Tires, ordered from the tire section in this price list. 
Not compatible with Code 6020.
   1    $8,961.00
7202    Premium Lighting

Includes Deluxe Lights, and additionally in the front grill screen, two front corner HID lights replace two front halogen lights and one HID light and one 65W halogen flood light are added. Two rear fender lights are replaced with HID lights.
   1    $3,545.00
2661    Premium Radio Package with XM Radio

AM/FM Stereo with Premium Tuner, Clock, Weatherband, Compact Disc Player, Remote Controls.
USB port on front of radio face.
Auxiliary Input Jacks located in right hand storage console and on radio face.
BlueTooth capable including microphone. Integrated BlueTooth Phone Book connection through CommandCenter.
XM Satellite capable including Satellite Antenna (Subscription Required).
Four Speakers, Subwoofer, and External Antenna.
Volume, Speed Compensation, bass, and treble radio functions can be viewed and configured on the CommandCenter Display. 
   1    $345.00
3331    Three Deluxe Rear Remote Selective Control Valves with Electro-Hyraulic Controls,
Push/Pull Breakaway Couplers and High Pressure Relief Levers

EHSCVs are mounted on right hand console with PowrQuad PLUS or AutoQuad PLUS Transmissions (Codes 1430, 1431 or 1451), and included in the CommandARM with CommandQuad and IVT (Codes 1500, 1501, 1550, 1551, 1552, or 1553). 
   1    In Base Price
3810    1-3/4 In. (45mm) 1000 rpm PTO (20 Spline)

Option is never compatible with 1-3/8 In. (35mm) 540 (6 Spline) / 1000 (21 Spline) rpm PTO.
   1    In Base Price
4323    Category 3 Drawbar, High Vertical Load (10,000 Lb. Capacity) with
Clevis and 1.50 In. (38 mm) Pin
   1    $1,050.00
4033    5,443 kg (12,000 Lb.) Capacity 3-Point Hitch (Cat. 3/3N) with Quik-Coupler

Includes solid, non-adjustable draft links and sway blocks.
   1    In Base Price
3240    43 gpm / 163 L/Min. Hydraulic Pump (63cc)     1    $926.00
5045    3-15/16 In. (100 mm) Dia x 100.4 In. (2550 mm) Length

Not compatible with duals.
   1    ($329.00)
5090    Steel Wheels and Cast Hubs

Requires Code 5045, 5047, 5049.
   1    In Base Price
5211    650/85R38 In. 173B R1W Radial in Single Wheel Configuration

Available in Michelin or Goodyear.
   1    ($4,975.00)
6061    1300 Series Mechanical Front Wheel Drive Axle with Triple Link
Suspension PLUS (TLS+), Driveline Shield, Hydraulic On/Off
Differential Lock and Wet Disk Front Brakes 

Required for 31 mph (50 km/h) Transmissions (Code 1501, 1552 or 1553).
Compatible with 19 mph (30 km/h) or 25 mph (40 km/h) Transmissions (Code 1430, 1431, 1451, 1500, 1550, and 1551).
   1    $8,535.00
6210    540/65R34 In.  148B  R1W  Radial

Available in Michelin and Goodyear.
   1    $1,378.00
5999    No Brand Preference

Mitas brand tires available in US and Canada only.
   1    No Charge
0409    English    1    In Base Price
     Optional Items:          
8010    Fenders, Deluxe Pivoting Front for MFWD - 18.7 In. (480 mm) Wide 

Recommended for use with 12.6 In. (320 mm) to 16.9 In. (420 mm) tire width.
Code 8010 or 8011 is required for 50km/h (31mph) Tractors.
Not compatible with Code 8011.
   1    $1,281.00
8751    Trailer Brake, Dual Line Air

Includes compressor, tank, control valve, and couplers.
Not compatible with Code 8756 or 8752.
For dual line air and hydraulic brakes, order Code 8752.
Code 8751, 8756, or 8752 is required for 31 mph (50 km/h) Tractors. 
   1    $5,766.00
8336    John Deere PowerTech PVX 9.0 L (549 cu. In.) 6 Cyl IT4 / Stage 3b Compliant Diesel Engine    1    No Added Cost
RE343415    Air Trailer Brake Kit - AQ/PQ Pump Drive Kit

Not compatible with North American tractor configuration 25 mph (40 km/h) PowrQuad, AutoQuad, or CommandQuad Transmissions with pivot beam MFWD axle.
   1    Contact Dealer
RE329075    Front Hitch Valve (100 ml.)

Compatible on all IVT Tractors that are front hitch ready without TLS.
If additional valves are not required, also order (2) RE305393.
   1    Contact Dealer
RE302017    Independent Front PTO with 1-3/4 In. 20-Spline, 1000 RPM
Clockwise-Rotating Shaft as Viewed from Front (Type 3)
   1    Contact Dealer
RE267658    Three Meter Front Wheel Spacer

Not compatible with Tractors equipped with front brakes.
   1    Contact Dealer
     Configuration Total:         Contact Dealer


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      7230R Tractor   1   $234,636.00   $234,636.00
Total Delivered Price: 1 $234,636.00
Your product was built with base product options selected. Please consult your local John Deere dealer as needed to determine your final configuration. Price shown is an estimate and will vary based on final selections.