Mega Partnerships

The future is now!

For our partnership


That says it best, we don't compete, we lead!


Forget about it! Forget about the long drawn out wait of doing a local partnership or waiting for a partnership to be formulated before becoming a partner!


In the real estate business how do you make a purchase?

It starts with escrow money and a bank letter of credit!

Forget about forming a local partnership to mow hay

(at least for now)

Let it not diswade us from forming a mega partnership of a goal of a start up of 9-10-11!

Wow! That's some goal!

Perhaps unobtainable in 2011, but the higher we aim, the more likely we are able to achieve our goal of slashing the cost of harvesting forage.

Our founder has opened an account placing his $1000 as the first to go into escrow! Now it's up to you!

Income and Expenses?

Yeah! Our banker buddies want to know how many acres of corn silage and haylage we with an unknown number of owners and custom work are going to have!

This first partnership...... and who knows how many hereafter are going to have to be formed highly collateralized and on simple economic pricnciples! You and I juist know that doubling trailer and chopper capacites and doubling to trippling the harvest season is going to cut our costs of corn silage and haylage!


I'll work with the banks but 7 partners ( little high maybe) x $100,000 (little low maybe without mowers) should finance the purchase of a mega chopper, 3 tractors 25 MPH or more and mega sized dump trailers.

One would hope the banks would allow us to finance 60:40, 40% down on $800,000. So the day may come when 8 of you will be able to partner with a letter of credit of $40,000 But today?

Escrow Me!

Escrow PleasantCreekHay/, our first mega partnership.

1) Take our proposal to your lending institution and come back with a bank letter of credit for $80,000, $60,000, $40,000 based on an 8 member partnership owning 40% of the business with a manager partner of 40% and operator of 20%.

2) Counteroffer, take our proposal to your lender with the intent of purchasing a 12.5% in PleasantCreekHay/001.Com For $79,000. Then lend the chopper operator his 20% and 40% for 4.25% with a balloon payment due in 5 years!

The loan, JUST A TEMPORARY INSTRUMENT TO SEE US UNTIL 2012, as I intend to reorganize annually, 2 abreast, 4 abreast, 8 abreast, the closer we are farm to farm, the more efficient we become.


EVEN WITH A SINGLE NORTH CAROLINA TO MAINE PARTNERSHIP, WE WILL BEAT EVERYONE ON COST/TON!,bpSite=817884.html?max=10&formTopicPath2=764658%2C35582%2C56926%2C787114&adb_search=true&formTopicPath1=764658%2C35582%2C56926&formTopicPath0=764658%2C35584%2C42610&adb_button=true

What do you do if it goes Bing Bong Boing? Our LLC needs an adequate line of credit to survive the unexpected! For sole proprietorships, there typically is! There is an underlying amount the business can borrow against the assets and generally an under accounting of the assets (specifically the unused portion of the line of credit) and liabilities (the unclaimed! Lines of Credit (to the maximum for which they can be obtained) are seldom applied. To put it another way an LLC may have a GROSS Value of $750,000 with a $250,000 line of credit for a net value of $500,000. At we try to set up an LLC 60/20/20. It keeps the banks happy, interest rates affordable and alllows partners that are less than 100% self financed to participate on an even footing with partners that might even be able to write a check for the full Gross value of the LLC   

Myrtle Beach, SC

Rocky Mount, NC      Havelock, NC       Greenville, NC

Camp Lejeune, NC        New Bern, NC     Kinston, NC       

Jacksonville, NC          Wilmington, NC           

 Suffolk,VA              Petersburg, VA  

From Eastern North Carolina to Maine the frost free days range by approximately 100 days deviation, divided geographically the smallest is that in the 210-240 day frost free area. Having one of these long frost free areas as one of the partners greatly increases productivity and profitability!

Imagine for $30,000 - $40,000 dollars having full use of a 1000 horse power self-propelled forage harvester for 12.5 days spring and fall! Sufficient to custom harvest how many farms your size? You able to recover your investment in how many years?

Imagine also that fully staffed with all but a daily 12 hour requirement from you/day at the bunker silo!

Once we at have a partnership in one of the above cities and another in the 90-120 day frost free area, we will be pushing the partners toward forming a mega partnership, asking all of the city partnerships to join us. 

                                  Hickory, NC                     Salisbury, NC         Winston-Salem, NC             

                                  Monroe, NC                      Sanford, NC        Lumberton, NC          

                                  Raleigh, NC                     Dover, DE                Salisbury, MD      

       Randallstown(Baltimore)         St. Charles, MD        Fredericksburg, VA  

Mechanicville (Richmond)        Petersburg, VA       Cherry Hill(Philadelphia)

 Lowell, MA 

As more and more partners join us, subject to annual review, the distance between partners and clients narrows and even further cuts our costs, so Mapquest, rather than you or I determine annual reformulation!

Anticipated growth dictates that partnerships have as close to, but no fewer than 4 members as possible, at least one in the 210-240 and one in the 120-150 day frost free zone. It isn't's intent to punish our long term partners with a new partnership and fresh paint annually........ yet it entirely possible one or more partners will find themselves buying new paint annually! Well not exactly! With an increase in the number of partnerships, forage harvesters, will lease for the 7 years normally allowed by the IRS, leveling the playing field for new and established mega partners alike. Obviously, we don't want our choppers passing one another or have a disproportionate number, a reorganization should.

1) Have a partnership from each of the 4 frost free zones.

2) Counting the previous years custom services, moving a partner from one mega partnership to another should tip the scales making the new theoretical partnership the larger of the 2 theoretical partnership combinations, representing a tie.

3) The round trip from partnership to partnership determines via map quest, which sequence of participating partners will prevail.

4) With re-organization, the chopper with the least hours shall be leased to the larger anticipated volume of work.

5) Tomorrow (next year) brings another day and even more cost savings as our travel time between farms fallsAand the number of 24 hour days increases!     

Asheville, NC

Winchester, VA                 Harrisonburg, VA            Charlottesville, VA  

Cave Spring-Roanoke, VA         Lynchburg, VA             Danville, VA         

Cumberland, MD                  Hagerstown, Md 

                                                   Allentown, PA         Harrisburg, PA           Lancaster, PA       

                                                            Erie, PA                           Penn Hills(Pittsburg, PA)   

                                            Middleton, NY                      Ithaca, NY                       Auburn, NY  

                                         Brighton(Rochester, NY)                       West Seneca(Buffalo, NY)

                                                            Providence, RI                                     Hartford, CT  

Super-Mega Partnerships

With increased volume it is hoped that each partnership will have adequate sales, acreage, to on the conclusion of its North Carolina to Maine and Maine to North Carolina campaign to support a single partnership!

Instead of one unit supporting 4-6 partnerships, 2-3 units supporting 4-6 partnerships, adequate to during the off season have a unit shared by adjoining partnerships, perhaps even adequate work for a dozen or more harvesters owned by a dozen or more partnerships.

We in the US with an even greater discrepancy in frost free days don't even come close to that of Europe, others may copy, but if we here at get out in front, we'll have door to door custom work, our travel time between farms will be at a minimum and we will be able to sweep through an area 2-3 harvesters under the management of one operator, shifting trucks and mowers where needed and be the least cost of any custom operator in the Mid-Atlantic-North-East region of the country.

We will truely be a Super-mega Partnership!

                              Willkes-Barre,PA             State College, PA              Johnstown, PA                    

                                        Erie, PA                       Potsdam, NY                      Watertown, NY

(Latham)Albany, NY          Saratoga Springs, NY     Schenectady, NY     

  Kingston, NY                          Rome, NY                  Elmira, NY 

Rutland, VT                  Burlington, VT             Pittsfield, MA 

Rochester NH     

 Bangor, ME                                    Lewiston, ME      ,bpSite=817884.html?max=10&formTopicPath2=764658%2C35582%2C56926%2C787114&adb_search=true&formTopicPath1=764658%2C35582%2C56926&formTopicPath0=764658%2C35584%2C42610&adb_button=true