Coming to Your City!

Coming to a City Near YOU!

For a description as to what exactly is a shredder please refer to the following. 

Our founder has amassed a grid of cities in 42 Mile radiuses where it was felt Pleasant Creek Hay.Com could find the services needed to run a high volumn agricultural services business, the most important being able to find "Fork Lift Operators" to rapidly fill positions on a moments notice. A critical component if we are to work around the clock and cut our machinery costs!


To few 24 hour days and we are over invested, to many and we have turned away work and lengthened the drive between jobs!

Here is a list of open territories available for you to partner in and the meeting place where we will be interviewing perspective baler operators!

(5-17)(6-19) Bangor, ME@TBD (9-24)          Lewiston, ME@TBD       Rochester NH

Keene, NH    (4-30)(6-1) Lowell MA (10-6)   (4-30) Providence, RI (10-15)

Hartford, CT            Rutland, VT             (5-18)(6-7) Potsdam, NY (9-9)

Burlington, VT       (5-4)(5-31) Pittsfield, MA (10-5)          Watertown, NY

For a description as to what exactly is a shredder please refer to the following. 

(May5)(May27) (Latham)Albany, NY (Oct15)

Saratoga Springs, NY     Schenectady, NY        Kingston, NY

Middleton, NY                   (5-6)(6-3) Utica, NY (10-3)          Rome, NY

(5-7)(6-3)Ithaca, NY(10-5)   (5-6)(6-3) Auburn, NY(10-5)   Elmira, NY            

Binghamton, NY     (5-6)(6-3) Brighton(Rochester) (10-6)   West Seneca(Buffalo)

        Jamestown, NY@TBD       (4-30)(5-31) Wilkes-Barre, PA (10-7)         Allentown, PA       

Cherry Hill(Philadelphia)  (5-10)(6-2)State College, PA(9-23)     Harrisburg, PA              

     Williamsport, PA        (4-19)(5-26)Lancaster, PA(10-18)           Johnstown, PA@TBD                    

(5-5)(6-30)Erie, PA@TBD )     (10-14Howland Corners, OH@TBD     Penn Hills(Pittsburg)@TBD    

Cumberland, MD@TBD        (4-16)(5-16)Dover, DE@TBD)(11-3          Salisbury, MD@TBD      

Randallstown(Baltimore)@TBD (4-16)(5-12)Hagerstown, MD@TBD (10-7)  St. Charles, MD @TBD           

Winchester, VA       (4-11)(5-8)Harrisonburg, VA(10-26)            Fredericksburg, VA    

Charlottesville, VA   (4-11)(5-8)Cave Spring-Roanoke, VA(10-18)    Lynchburg, VA            

Danville, VA        Mechanicville (Richmond)       (3-7)(5-4) Suffolk, VA (11-16)            

Petersburg, VA      (4-12)(5-9)Asheville, NC(10-26)    Hickory, NC                     

Salisbury, NC        (3-31)(5-4) Winston-Salem, NC (10-26)             Monroe, NC                     

(4-12)(5-9)Sanford, NC(10-26)         Lumberton, NC          Raleigh, NC             

Rocky Mount, NC      Havelock, NC       Greenville, NC

Camp Lejourne, NC       (3-19)(4-14) New Bern, NC (11-13)     Kinston, NC       

Jacksonville, NC                            (3-11)(4-1) Wilmington, NC (11-18)

Myrtle Beach, SC

(Corn Planting)(Alfalfa Harvest) Your Zip Code (Corn Silage Harvest)

Albany has been earmarked by the founder as a possible central location where he personally is applying as a sole propreitor with Farm Service Agency 

Those cities marked in violet are those that our founder can and will immediately serve as baler operator(field foreman) until we have a replacement; those in Blue, cities where our founder has designated his willingness to hire baler operators, those @TBD interviewed, perhaps as many as 3 hours from the partnerships base of operations.

Take note, that these are in part only suggestions. We welcome input and would love to form a partnership, YOUR CITY 5 Miles down the road from you and your partners doorsteps vs. one even a mile farther in the opposite direction.

We want you to have a labor source just a phone call away in the City of Your Choice!