Claas Mowers (Europes favorite)

Buy a tractor, then let us pick a mower, lease it, then buy it!

Our Choice, $12,900 w/o a collector! 

A US available unit!

Not for Sale!

These are units that we at have to offer should you request a mower be added to the purchase of your front PTO tractor!

Our Book is Your Book!

We can trim hundreds of dollars off shipping if we are given the reigns and allowed to make a purchase on your behalf! It is a matter of logistics! A common Port or delivery to one dealership by another of the mower or tractor and we can cut significant shipping costs from units that might otherwise be a logistical nightmare! We have reflected those savings in the page details. Pick a tractor and we will offer you 2-4 selections and based on your decission, you can lease the unit for 60 days, like it and use the lease payment as your down payment on the unit. It's vested interest! We do not want to own it! We will try to find you the best of deals, even finding a unit for you to purchase here in the US!

Availability: We make no claims to be the least expensive deal, instead we have a line on 10 plus times the number of units available in the US and can offer a second hand RORO unit from Europe every day of the year!

We advise you to do your homework and inquire about new units at your local dealership! 

1) Our Claas Mowers with Collectors

 Newer, Wider

Not 9.1 meter units!

2) We have several units with collectors that need to be paired with front units.

3) We have nearly 100 Claas Mowers, complete but lacking collectors!














 4) Rears only

The Disclaimer: We are way under priced(Lease wise)! Call it a restocking fee, but we would never be able to lease these units for the prices offered without further assurances the purchaser of the tractor was going to "like" the mower!

We'd never be able to afford to have the tractor purchaser opt to buy a new unit, leaving PleasantCreekHayEquipment with the unit sitting in the "new" tractor owners yard, while we attempt to sell the unit without charging an additional fee for delivery! Delivery is free for units, but included in the price as a cost and those costs have to be justified through a higher lease price for our mowers!

TBD: A stocking fee, it too to be used toward the purchase of the unit. 

4) Front Mowers: Disc or Drum? Although we like tripple mowers and COLLECTORS and avoiding raking, we like the price of tractors under 185 HP in some instances and the affordability of the US hydroswing, to increase acreage/hour though, YOU HAVE TO ADD A FRONT MOWER, mowing twice what can be mowed with a conventional self Propelled mower, which leads us to the question, disk or drum?

We Prefer the drum mower as having a slight advantage! We think a 4 drum mower readily passes from drums 1 and 4 material that is otherwise passed on to discs 2 and 5 in a 6 disc mower. Thus the drum mower may be more efficient at creating a windrow between tractor tires, while the disc is better spreading material. For our triple mowers, due to redundancy of parts, we are giving the disc mower a slight advantage, but will consider either or to fill a contract. If you have a preference, please indicate so!



 Note the varient! Some disc mowers have longer conditioners than others!

5) Our front mower Conditioners

Haylage or Dry Hay? We also have mowers. Mowers void of conditioners! If you are haylage and/or baleage only perhaps you would prefer a conditionerless unit. At this time, we are not making these units availaable with try it before you buy it leases. We do have the Pottinger option!

Pottinger mower conditioners have detachable conditioners that enable one to mow without the conditioner.

Disks 0r Drums?

 6) Front units.