Claas Balers: Lease, Buy, using your Lease Payment 100% as your down!

We have balers! And I mean cheap balers! At, we are a big believer in preventative maintenance and going through a machine on an annual or even/cutting basis, making repairs or adjustments as needed, covering the baler if there the least chance of rain, keeping the dirt out of the balers frame, repainting any bubbled paint, the little things that will make a baler (any machine) last until obsolescense!. Unless a machine has become obsolete or has been just beaten to death, we prefer to let someone else pay forthe new paint and possibly trade up into something more efficient.

Ten year old Roto Cut balers from Europe are phenomonally inexpensive! So much so we don't even price non roto cut balers.

From a financial point of view, we just can't see spending $2000-$2500 on shipping!

Buy 2! Get one free! Seriously, for the price of 2 balers, break downs or for just the need to bale a lot of hay before that next rain, our suggestion is that you double up! At European prices, you just can't go wrong! 

Not just any baler, but balers that make narrower, what we call East Coast Balers and those in addition are capable of Roto cutting in what would be 3' x 3' bales hear in the US. At PleasantCreekHayEquipment, we think we can start baling earlier and quit later in the day with a baler 2'4" x 4' vs that of one 3' x 3' or 3' x 4'. We think we can bale a mold free bale with that of the density of a kicker bale in a 2'4" x 4' x 5.5' bale. at 16-18% moisture perhaps fumigating with anhydrous ammonia, stopping mold formation. If nothing else, we can produce a bale turbo cut at the same cost as that of a standard bale! 

Now this is how to load hay, only double 5.5' bales, 11' in the 22' well of a low boy trailer with an 11' rear! Only we want to be able to roll the stack 90 degrees with the option of piling it at the fields end or transported in storage! 

Here is a litle something High tech to mull over! I am not sure how it fits or if it fits into out 12 bale stack!

Here is something a little less high tech! I am relatively sure on big squares, I can modify the device to double stack a row 3 wide 2 deep for a 12 bale total and make modifications to handle anything in between!

As a partner in a local PleasantCreekHay partnership, I suggest we purchase RotoCutter balers insuring we capture the power of our Tripple Mower Tractor and a bale that doesn't require cutters or pre-cutting prior to being introduced into the TMR of our dairyman buyers. 

The Big Square Baler wasn't developed on the East Coast! Need we say more!

1) Our Kings! Dual wheels, rated 60K in Europe, we think in combonation with our 65 K fastracs

We like these Claas balers.

Lease it  Like it 0wn it = $2250  for the above

Those might be nice prices, but older single axle balers are even less expensive and on days when we've more hay than one baler can handle, two for the price of one can be a better buy!

 Like the front PTO tractors vs non front PTO Tractors, I regard the purchase of a non-cutter baler as a poorer investment and have included nearly ZERO in our inventory! For our perspective partners, I'm recommending 1) we use, lease, their 3 x 3 balers (or larger), 2) a cutter baler (Probably of European origin), or 3) a used 3 x 4 baler originating here in the US! 

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Single Axle Rotary Cutter balers.


 Lease the above with a tractor unbound for $1500, then use your lease payment as your down payment 

Lease it unbound with a tractor for $1500 then use 100% of your lease payment as a down payment to purchase the baler!  














Lease it Like it $1,500


Lease it Like it $1500 





Newer single Axle Rotary Cutter balers (Check with us regarding Air Brakes on 219!)



 3) Newer cutter Balers 

Something a little newer?


Something bigger! We think the below might challenge the Horse Power of our Tripple Mower Tractor while challenging the price of a US used Rotary Baler!


4) Bigger, newer non rotary balers.



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