Agco (Massey Ferguson-Fendt)


We have recently added smaller (70+ HP) tractors to inventory.

Pleasant Creek Hay Equipment is of the opinion loaders only add approximately 50% of the cost of new and add value to a purchase and have concentrated on listing loader tractors HERE on this page, but if the buyer wishes NO LOADER, we have a number of other front PTO tractors available.


Our 60-60-60 (And others) 2013 Lease

(Try it before you buy it!)

60-60-60; 60 days, 60 hours, $.60/hour/$1000. It's our in house rental rate! Our 60-60-60 is very close to the real cost of operating the unit. Sixty days? Could be 50, it gives you sufficient time to cut first and second cutting hay or perhaps do some tillage before first cutting. WE ARE BETTING ON YOUR PURCHASE SO WE ARE BEING LEANIENT ON THE LENGTH OF TIME YOU HAVE THE TRACTOR!

And others:  Being custom operators, we have to get slightly more for what will be back up tractors if the tractor is returned. We have to obtain at least a portion of the RORO in the lease price. All of our listed tractors have front PTO and usually Air Brake systems. You are perfectly welcome to purchase a 40K, 25MPH tractor without air brakes, but as a custom operator, we are only interested in a minimum 50K with air brakes as back ups! Some of our 40K's have CVT Transmissions! Great Farm Tractors! For custom operations? Slooooow!

Too much or little power! Maybe not for your operation, but as custom operators, we would rather put a second smaller tractor into the field than load up the horses. We have to get more pennies/thousand $'s to cover the over investment if we have the tractor turned in without a purchase! Similarly, for tractors unable to run collectors, we need to get more pennies/thousand $'s to cover the under investment limiting the number of acres mowed / hour.

Seller Obligations! We have an obliation to sell our product from top to bottom, but if a comparable tractor of more or equal value can be leased and eventually purchased, we don't feel compelled to lease to own every tractor we are inventorying!

Fendt-Massey Fergusan: We favor the Massey Fergusan, but will make available 60K Fendt's lease to own. (Faced with a return, we prefer a 60K machine or the larger MF Dealership Network)

The buyer knows the score! He knows nun of the 40K's are available for lease. (And should be able to appreciate that the difference doesn't reflect that of quality but that of the lack of features the seller(broker) isn't willing to restock in his inventory.

At times, availability is limited in some tractor lines and in "mower collectors", but when available we are limiting our leasing to units able to utilize collectors and are requiring the leasing of mowers with collectors when we can find them in the tractors location or here in the US!. If the lease is returned, we want it up and running to mow the next field of hay! (Not counting "Hydroswings". These are available with a phone call anywhere in the Maine to North Carolina corridore. PCHayEquipment is assuming you have a unit you have been running on a smaller tractor and are going to use your unit with your leased front mower. As stringent as we are about tractor leases, PCHayEquipment will purchase a hydroswing to meet your needs if you have been mowing with a self-propelled or conventional pull behind mower. A 15' GEHL AND WE WILL REQUIRE A MINIMUM HORSE POWER OF 160 HP. WE'VE A NUMBER OF TRACTORS MEETING THE REQUIREMENT!).

We don't want you leasing the tractor on a whim! If the tractor is mechanically correct, we expect a purchase and feel we have a lease price adequate to cover's costs!   


We're leasing our "fleet tractors", the JCB 3185's, 3190's and those of the 3200 series, 60-60-60.

We're leasing their "Big brother", the JCB 8250 (excluding those not of cab forward design and all of the loader tractors (With exceptions), 55-60-65.

All others, no Deutz, no <50K, with air brakes, 60-65-70.

We're requiring the leasing (and purchase with the tractor) of a triple mower for all tractors rated over 199HP, including collectors if they are available. A super mower 11.6 meters wide with its collectors is required for tractors of 251 HP or more

Over time we hope our partners have a fleet of front PTO tractors, parked (because its a little bigger then the task), (Available redundancy) then sold, I guess a tractor parked can make money after all ! (We'd like for example, our partners to have a mixer wagon and loader of adequate size to mow hay by day and feed cows by night!


Dolar for dollar we think the best money is in the mowing, but think there is money in joint ownership of forage harvesters OR SHOULD WE SAY FORAGE HARVESTING SYSTEMS that require FAST and although a 65 K machine may be adequate to get from field to storage, from farm to farm and from the last bus stop to the farm the 80 K machine has the advantage: therefore for our partners we are recommending the purchase of 80 K machines as a first choice of purchases.

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4 Available!




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w/JFM/C= +$4032
$21,374 Total
Add a baler=$1250
Twin Axles=1875


60:70:80=$12,092  w/Tripple Mower=$14,708  At our option a collector +$672

Add a baler +$1250 With twin axles +$1875 Bigger +$2500


 Fendt 924-927-930-936-939 factory info sheet

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We're requiring the Fendt-Loader tractors to be 50K to qualify for lease to own in favor of other makes and including 200+ HP 1440 50K machines in !




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