10 Machines/9 Partners Shredder/kernel/processor/blower

1 Tower Silo/ Day w/ 2 Men

We are back! This page was temporarily restricted for proprietoy reasons! 

We're working on it!

We've found a commercially available machine, but think they have a ways to go in machine development (efficiency wise.) http://www.automaticag.com/mills/Silagemills.html

So how do 2 men fill a tower silo a day with a pull type forage harvester?

WE HAVE revitalized the project and are calling for 9 Partners and PCHEquipment to form a 10 way partnership. PCHEquipment won't invest any capitol into the project nor will it back charge for any hours used in the assembly of the financing of the LLC or work with our manufacturer. 

1)An escrow account has been formed to handle the financials of the group.

2)Initially the first 7 partners, excluding PCHayEquipment, shall deposit a rather token $50 in the account and meeting the target number of partners deposit an additional $950 in the account.

3)Partners will continue to be recruited until up to 10 are obtained (allowing for one partner to drop from the group.) Design and Construction shall commence of 10 units after price has been determined and the group casts a 50% approval

The price of the first unit shall be determined and the By a 50% vote the partners will aprove final design.   THE PROJECT ON HOLD

1) Very inefficient! A shredder (kernal processor) turns out material travelling at 90+ MPH. Fast enough to reach the top of a 60' silo. Without making a custom unit, to the best of our knowledge, no unit on the market today takes advantage of the exit speed and will require a second unit on the blower of 100HP or more or a tractor in escess 0f 1.5 x 185 HP on the shreder. (Basically our unit needs a feeding conveyer fast enough for the material to become air born, a deflector plate directing the material vertically into the shredder exiting at 100 Mph and a blower stacked and belt driven over the shredder that is as much driven by incoming material as drove by the power unit. The blower is more funnel directing 100 MPH material up the silos pipe then blower unit requiring power. WITH PROPER GEARING USING OUR SHREDDER TO PROCESS SHELLED CORN THE IMPELLER BLADES CAN ACTUALLY HELP DRIVE THE SHREDDER FOR SILOS UNDER 60'!

2) We've no commercially available table a) Capable of handling 32' trailers on a single drop and dump b) that will self load (maintain a given weight) into the shredder while the trailer operator obtains his next load.

If we have a perspective partner (or partner group) that wants to commit to an immediate 3 tractor mowing operation, we'll resume our research.

Just because we have to spend a little more money in development, doesn't mean we can't recoup our costs!


You mow 20 acres/ hour (We are not counting the mowing part! In fact for 20x60's and under all of our forage will be in windrows before we start!) and then "process" 20 acres/ hour. You put enough horse power on the chopper to utilize the choppers abilities (Our 3185's are 185 HP) and think if the client has a 140 + tractor, his tractor will be sufficient, but we'll put a 185 HP tractor on the chopper otherwise!

The chop and the chopper are then set to handle forage, cutting material at 2-4 times the length you were a customed to chopping at in the past. We dump the 32' wagons contents on the feed table and are back (with our 185 HP 50 MPH tractor) in half the time to pick up the next double load of feed. WE WILL BE 4 TIMES FASTER AT LOADING A SILO THEN BY CONVENTIONAL PULL BEHIND FORAGE HARVESTERS.

You ask,"But what do I do with forage cut 2-4 times its usual length?" You shred it and get an extra 1,000 pounds of milk! You turn all of the stems into "leaves", these "leaves are then more digestible and pack into the silo easier then if you don't shred! The forage you have not cut on the diagonnal you are now cutting, "shredding" on the horizontal!  The effective rumen fiber is longer, but rumen microbes more easily digest the more exposed fibers of the stems of the plant.

At the silo we think a steady flow of forage will require a 80 HP tractor on the blower. If necessary, we'll put a 185 HP JCB on the blower!

The shredder takes a 60 HP tractor...........well it could! The shred would either be extremely slow or not very agressive! Someone indeed could lease one of our shredders, put there second tractor on the unit and shred as they see fit! Shredding 25%, 75% or something in between!

Get an uneven flow and what happens? The blower stalls! Or if you've an improper set up on the shredder the shredder stalls! One of our rollers has pressure adjusted tension! That 60 HP tractor that is shredding 25% of your forage has enough HP to lift the "slower" roller off the other "faster" roller as long  as the pressure is properly adjusted! Increase roller speeds 50%, put a 185 HP JCB on the machine and adjust the pressure and process 75% of the stems! Put an even bigger tractor on the shredder and shred 85%!

We think 185 HP will be agressive enough to produce quality well packed feed cutting forage at 200% standard length! More HP might be desired!

WE MOW HAY! Our tractors have front PTO and have 42-50 MPH capabilities! We'll be more than happy to mow your hay and haul field to farm, but basically, quite frankly, we'd rather the owner-client provide the other "utilities"!