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Kuhn & Big JF Stoll Mowers

We encourage our perspective purchasers to check US prices before a purchase!

UNAVAILABLE: We've found domestic mowers unavailable and INEXPENSIVE in relation to "Euro" mowers!

I know that may sound contradictory, but new US Front PTO tractors "sell" with new mowers and used mowers seem to be held in less esteem in the US!

A reminder that we are in THE MOWING BUSINESS! That can include the harvest of corn silage as a sort of second business with the mowing of haylage as our primary money maker!!

Still running dirt through your forage harvester? Still raking dirt? Why are you raking dirt at all?

We don't think domestically we can fill 100% of our needs, hence, it our intention to fill a much needed gap in the number of available triple mowers for our PleasantCreekHay.com partnerships, in short, units imported from Europe. The time and effort of the search for units is partially paid for by giving non-partnership members an oportunity to purchase those European imports as well.

Our quest is heavy on collectors and bi-dirctional machines because of the demands of PleasantCreekHay.com, not sold by PleasantCreekHayEquipment is this, the 2 basket tedder. Attached to the 3 pt hitch and PTO of the reverse  (Bi-directional) tripple mower, the collectors combine swaths for haylage, are lifted for hay and the 2 basket tedder attached to the second 3 pt hitch is lowered into place for dry hay mowing. Field to field farm to farm we are able to windrow haylage in one field, mow hay for dry hay in the next!


It's foreseen that building a 3 Pt hitch around an existing pull type tedder isn't out of the question, perhaps even giving a more exacting fit to the mower and collectors!

Equally so if the price is right, the acquisition of a 4 basket tedder gives us the opportunity to parts out the 3rd and 4th basket! Teeth break, bearings and tires wear!

Then there is this! It's possible we might not have rear PTO with a mower! With the right hydraulic motor and valve system (off the shelf) I am sure any of the above can be adopted to run PTO Free!


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Kuhn Mowers

A note of caution here! Our 60:60:60 quote, isn't valid! We're leasing for the increased price of 60:70:80, singularly, but for a flat fee listed with the tractor and depending on status can vary from tractor to tractor. We have very limited inventory of tractors leasing 60:60:60!

Some Tractors (purchased) may be under 50K or lack air brakes and we are willing to lease an accompanying mower based on mower price and the increased 60:70:80!

WE DON'T WANT TO OWN IT! So you'll get the considered "Best Deal" we can find! Even if it means purchasing a domestic machine or with your consent, a different make.








We've a Kuhn with collectors, seperated from its front mower

 The Front!

Without a front! At your request, we'll find a front!

Triple Mowers, no collectors, an option if Tripples w/collectors are expensive or unable to be shipped at a reasonable cost! We have US dealers a plenty to provide us with "new" collectors.


Here is an additional Rear!

Front Mowers! For tractors between 150-200 HP, in combination with a US (popularly known as a hydro-swing) for the dollar, we think they can be a positive alternative! That is, if one doesn't mind additional raking! In Europe the machines can and often are sold from their triple mower and side mower counter parts.

Our "fleet" policy at PleasantCreekHay.com is for safety reasons at or above 60K (38MPH), exclude any tractors under 185 HP and use a tripple mower exclusively for tractors of 185 HP or more.

A note of caution here! We're leasing for the increased price of 60:70:80, singularly, but for a flat fee with a tractor lease!

Some Tractors (purchased) may be under 50K or lack air brakes and we are willing to lease an accompanying mower 60:70:80! This is a 55% increase over the posted 60:60:60 Price!



Mowers only, no conditioner



On to Europe's favorite! Claas Mowers!